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    ​Diversifying Your Services During the Offseason

    Depending on their location, there are many mulch producers that will winterize their mulch coloring equipment once temperatures dip below freezing during the winter months. For example, the majority of mulch producers in the upper Midwest typically shut down their mulch coloring process from November to April. 

    Shutting mulch coloring equipment down during the winter leaves mulch producers looking for a way to stay productive and profitable until busy season comes around again. To accomplish this, mulch producers should consider diversifying the services their businesses offer during the winter months. 

    Diversification helps retain employees, stay profitable.

    Due to the seasonal demands of the mulch industry, most mulch producers have diversified with other businesses or service activities. Other businesses may include, but are not limited to, land clearing, tree care, logging, waste handling, composting, landscape supply and trucking. 

    Other services that mulch producers can offer during the winter include snow removal, landscape installation, custom grinding and custom trucking, as well as holiday light installation and removal. 

    Labor is one of the most challenging issues facing the mulch production industry. It can be hard to find quality employees that are willing to work in that kind of environment, especially for companies that are not diversified and may have to lay off employees during the winter. Diversifying your services can help keep those employees productive and motivated even after you have stopped coloring and producing mulch for the year.

    For a small mulch production company with just a few employees, diversifying your business during the winter can be a great way earn some extra money for your business in the off-season. 

    Keep an eye on next season.

    While it’s important to diversify your business and stay productive during the off-season, it’s also important to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your goals for the upcoming season, because it will be here before you know it. 

    Be sure to conduct an end-of-season review of your internal operations and develop a plan to address concerns for next year. Also, conduct a seasonal review with your key customers to show them how you contributed to their success this year and how you can help them make next year even better. 

    Finally, be sure to conduct post-season coloring system maintenance. Preventive maintenance limits downtime and repair costs, leads to longer life expectancy of mulch coloring equipment and ensures that your equipment is ready for the start of the new year. 

    As you prepare for next season, contact your territory manager for more business solutions and maintenance tips. Or visit our​ resource pag​e. ​