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    ​Navigate the worker shortage with technology solutions

    One of the biggest issues that has been plaguing the colored mulch industry lately is the worker shortage. Unemployment rates are low, making it difficult to find and retain good workers, especially since the colored mulch industry is seasonal. 

    During the busy season, employees may get burned out from working a lot of overtime to meet consumer demands. With so many jobs available, workers are more easily able to move on to a new opportunity to make an extra dollar or two per hour. 

    New employees come with risks 

    A majority of sales in the mulch market are made during a 100-day window in the spring. Introducing new employees during the busiest time of year can be risky business for your mulch production facility for the following reasons: 
    • You may lose out on sales because you can’t meet consumer demands. 
    • Undertrained employees might ruin bags of mulch or colorant because they weren't operating the equipment correctly. They could also back a loader into something and get hurt or cause property damange because they were not fully trained.

    In the midst of a worker shortage, you are also going to have to pay employees more to attract them to your company. This could make labor a more significant cost for your operation. 

    Technology solutions improve productivity

    Finding ways to maintain productivity with fewer employees can be a challenge, but there are some technology solutions available. 

    • Global Equipment Management (GEM) Systems: GEM systems include volumetric technology that monitors your output of colorant and water. You can put a newer employee on the coloring machine without worrying about whether they are paying attention to adding the right amount of color and water. They just need to punch in the formula they want, and the machine takes care of the rest. 
    • Buying machines with higher output will eliminate the need for overtime hours in worker shortage scenarios.
    • Robotics and automatic baggers: Years ago, employees needed to bag pallets by hand. Now companies like Premier Tech and Hamer have produced automatic bagging systems, reducing the number of employees needed to bag colored mulch. 

    Colorbiotics® tech services are here to help

    Good welders and maintenance workers are a hot commodity and can make really good money at a lot of different places. If your company doesn’t have a maintenance worker on staff, our tech services team can visit your facility to keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently. 

    For more information about our maintenance and repair services, contact our tech services team today. 

    To learn more about navigating the worker shortage with technology solutions from Colorbiotics, contact your territory manager.

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