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    ​The True Cost of Cheap Colorant

    ​​Mulch producers looking to save a buck on their production costs may turn to a cheaper mulch colorant. If the colorant is cheap, that means its components are cheap as well. 

    Problems caused by cheap colorant.

    Cheap colorants contain lower-quality pigments, lower-quality UV retardants and lower-quality resins. This leads to a product with less brightness. Color strength is the key to a quality mulch colorant, and it is very difficult to make a product bright with low color-strength pigments. 

    The large particles of pigment in cheap colorants have low color strength and also tend to have a lower shelf life. Because of this, mulch producers will ultimately spend more money on larger amounts of colorant in an attempt to produce vibrant, brightly colored mulch. Low-quality colorants can cause your coloring systems and other equipment to plug up, resulting in more downtime and additional maintenance. 

    Safety can also be an issue. A company that sells cheap colorant could also potentially cut corners on the safety of the product by not conducting the proper testing. Additionally, cheap colorant often comes in substandard totes that may come apart. 

    Colorbiotics – a cut above the rest.

    While discount mulch colorant providers do everything they can to cheapen their product, Colorbiotics does everything we can to make the highest-quality colorant with the highest-quality color strength, pigments and additives in the colored mulch industry.

    We never compromise quality or color strength in our flagship production lines – Mulch Magic®, Impact® and Starburst®. With our QC testing process, we go beyond the normal industry standards to ensure​​ our customers get the best quality – tote by tote, drum by drum. 

    Additionally, our products go through a very strict safety testing process. Customers can even review the results of our safety testing at

    For mulch producers looking to color their mulch at a lower price per pound, we offer the Select® product line. These products are manufactured to the same QC and safety standards as our other product lines. 

    Make high-quality colors a priority.

    Just because a product is cheaper doesn’t always mean it will cost you less in the long run. Cheap colorant can cost you more in headaches like lost customers, lost production time and additional maintenance and repairs to coloring equipment. 

    Visit our resources page​ for more operational tips. To learn more about our product lines, contact your territory manager today