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    ​What’s In Your Tote?

    Revolutionary technology and outstanding service come with every tote of Colorbiotics® liquid mulch colorant. And of course, the highest-quality colorant made with the best raw materials. 

    Powder mulch colorants are not processed beyond the base materials. Liquid mulch colorant from Colorbiotics, however, uses a high-energy manufacturing process while using high-quality raw materials that optimize performance and offer a wide variety of color options. All raw materials in Colorbiotics mulch colorant are tested and receive a certificate of analysis to guarantee quality.  

    All raw materials used by Colorbiotics are listed on these Safety Data Sheets and are safe for people, pets and the environ​ment.

    Raw materials in your mulch colorant:

    • Pigment is the main raw material used in mulch colorant. There are several pigments used in liquid mulch colorant, including iron oxide and carbon black. Pigment provides the rich colorant for the mulch. 
    • Dispersant helps keep the product stable in liquid form. Colorbiotics uses heavy-duty dispersing equipment to optimize the color strength of the pigments. 
    • Resin helps the colorant adhere to the mulch, improves weathering resistance and reduces wash-off. 
    • Water is the carrying agent that allows the colorant to be pumped accurately. 

    Outstanding service and revolutionary technology.

    Purchasing lower-cost mulch colorant may seem like a good way to save money — until you need service. Our territory managers and service representatives respond immediately to all service requests, including those for colorant chemistry and application machinery. 

    Colorbiotics uses leading-edge technology to create the best colorant and mulch coloring equipment in the world. The global equipment management (GEM) system puts an unprecedented level of control into mulch producers’ hands. 

    To learn more about the raw materials in your mulch colorant tote, about the manufacturing process, or about the service and technology benefits of Colobiotics, contact your territory manager today.