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    ​Post-Season Coloring System Maintenance Requirements

    ​Preventive maintenance limits downtime and repair costs, leads to longer life expectancy of mulch coloring equipment, and can stave off a complete component failure. While maintenance is needed at various intervals throughout the year, major preventative maintenance should be performed during the off-season between July and September. This ensures that the machine is ready for the start of a new season. 

    If preventive maintenance is not performed to Colorbiotics recommendations at the appropriate intervals, the machine will eventually break down, potentially at an inconvenient time during the busy season. For example, bearings that are not greased and colorant pumps that are not properly maintained can wear out and eventually fail. 

    Maintenance checklist:

    After the busy spring and summer seasons, inspect these items for wear:
    • Pump hoses
    • Blades
    • Arms
    • Liners
    • Auto-control hopper sensors
    • Bearings
    • Shafts

    Additional maintenance tasks to be completed include: 
    Removing water from lines, nozzles and mixers when your work is done to prevent freezing. 
    Adding RV antifreeze to pumps and water lines that could trap water.
    Removing drain plugs. 

    Each coloring system, including the Sahara® X, Sahara Pro, Second Harvester® and the Reflex Series, has its own specific maintenance requirements and schedule, which are provided to customers when they purchase the machine. Coloring system maintenance plans can also be provided by a Colorbiotics territory manager or service representative. 

    Additionally, mulch producers using a Global Equipment Management (GEM) system will get automated reminders via email when it’s time to perform preventative maintenance. 

    Need technical assistance? 

    Colorbiotics has the only field service technicians in the industry. The team is fully equipped to assist with any service or maintenance needs on Colorbiotics or competitive equipment. Troubleshooting is available over the phone. 

    For additional information on coloring systems and maintenance requirements, contact your territory manager. For maintenance training and recommendations or to schedule maintenance on your Colorbiotics equipment, contact the service team today.