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    Have You Completed Your Busy Season Checklist?

    Each year as spring arrives, people all over the country flock to stores or to their local mulch suppliers to get their lawns and gardens looking nice for their summer activities. With the busy season upon us, now is the time to fine-tune your budget, make sure you are stocked up on parts and colorant, and complete equipment maintenance — if you haven’t done so already.

    Follow this checklist to make sure you are up to the task this busy season:

    • Create a Business Forecast. Just like any other business, colored mulch producers need to have an accurate business forecast going into the busy season. Identify customers you think you will maintain or lose, as well as any prospective customers. Talk with your customers, suppliers and financial advisors to understand your business’s needs for raw material, equipment, mulch colorant, personnel and cash flow.
    • Create Your Budget. Properly planning for the costs of your manufacturing process will directly affect your success this year. An accurate and somewhat conservative budget will help position your company to operate within its business model, even if an unexpected expense were to occur. It could also give you a competitive advantage if the demand for raw materials in your area increases.
    • Order Colorant. Finding yourself low on mulch colorant during the busy season can have major ramifications for your business. After developing a forecast for the year, talking with your customers to identify your mulch colorant and raw material needs, as well as setting your budget for the year, it’s time to order your mulch colorant. Your territory manager can help you analyze your colorant purchasing history to help you make good decisions when it comes to timing orders and getting the proper colorant configuration.
    • Stock up on parts. Having spare, wearable parts on hand is a good way to improve the efficiency of your colored mulch operation. Having parts on hand can spare you the cost of expedited shipping and the time you would spend waiting for an order while your equipment sits idle.

    Colorbiotics® has your back this busy ​season.

    Every tote of Colorbiotics mulch colorant is filled with not only the best mulch colorant on the market but also comes with our world-class technical support and customer service, all at no extra charge.

    Our service team is available today to answer any questions you may have about making sure your equipment is ready for the busy season. We can travel to wherever you are to perform maintenance or just to make sure your equipment is customized to fit the needs of your business. 

    For more information about getting your coloring systems ready to go for the season, reach out to our service team​ or contact your territory manager today​

    Get Expert Guidance and Support

    Your Colorbiotics territory manager is ready to help you configure the ideal equipment for your needs and budget.

    ​ ​​​​​​​​​