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    Most Popular Mulch Colorant by Region

    ​​​No lawn or landscape is created equal, and the aesthetics of each United States region have created different demands as consumers aim to match their colored mulch to the neighboring landscapes.

    So which color is the most popular across the country? If the contiguous states were broken down into 8 regions, there are 3 different colors that reign supreme.

    Brown — The overall lead​er and most popular color in the Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and New England.

    Black — The most popular in the Northeast, the Great Lakes and Texas.

    Red — The most popular in the south (excluding Texas) and the Southeast, followed closely by brown. ​

    While brown mulch colorant remained king across the colored mulch market in 2019, black colorant continued to gain market share from red. Outside of the Carolinas, the most popular shade of brown continues to move darker and darker.

    One reason brown mulch colorants reign supreme over the industry is because brown mulch shades are easier to work with and typically cover a wider range of wood fibers than other colors. Additionally, darker shades of brown tend to have a more natural look than red and light brown mulch colorants. 

    Explore our mulch colorant varieties. To learn more about what color of mulch is the most popular in your region, contact your territory manager today​.