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    ​Which Mulch Colorant is the Most Popular?

    Consumer preferences are a motivating factor for BASF during the colorant selection process. As new hues and tints are developed, the demands of the consumer remain at the forefront.

    No lawn or landscape is created equal, and the aesthetics of each region of the United States have created different demands as consumers aim to match their colored mulch to the neighboring landscapes.

    So which color is the most popular across the country? If the contiguous states were broken down into 8 regions, there are 3 different colors that reign supreme.

    Brown — The overall leader and most popular color in the Midwest, Southwest and South Atlantic region.

    Red — In the Pacific Northwest and much of the South, red remains the favorite.

    Black — In much of the Northeast and New England, as well as a majority of the Great Lakes region, black is the top color.

    When the numbers are broken down, 39 percent of consumers favor brown, 32 percent favor red and 26 percent favor black; 3 percent of the country did not have sufficient data to determine an outright favorite.

    This trend also shows a shift, as red and black have taken turns as the most popular color throughout the country over the past several years.