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    The Benefits of Liquid Mulch Colorant vs. Powder Mulch Colorant

    ​Mulch producers can choose from two types of mulch colorant for their operation: powder mulch colorant or liquid mulch colorant. 

    A number of differences between the two types of mulch colorant point to liquid being the better option. Some of those differences include product variety, quality, safety and efficiency. 

    The main differences between the two and why liquid is the best option for your mulch production operation are outlined below. 

    Product variety and quality.

    Powder mulch colorants are not processed beyond the base material. This means that color variety is limited, and performance can vary from batch to batch.

    Concentrated liquid mulch colorants use similar pigments, but the high-energy manufacturing process optimizes performance and offers a wide variety of color options. The addition of resins and other enhancing additives improves adherence to mulch, improves weathering resistance and reduces wash-off.  


    Powder mulch colorant is typically applied in a mulch grinder during an additional grinding pass. This expensive extra step adds labor, handling and equipment costs.

    The very brief retention time while coloring with powder in a grinder requires mulch producers to use higher amounts of both color and water. In addition to higher colorant costs, increased mulch weight leads to longer dry times and higher shipping costs.

    The Sahara® X and Sahara® Pro coloring systems, equipped with a Global Equipment Management (GEM) system, utilize the leading industry technology to optimize the application of concentrated liquid mulch colorants. Automatic adjustments of colorant and water application based on system output reduces colorant cost, decreases water use, reduces freight costs and provides a consistent finished product.  

    Employee and environmental safety.​

    Powder mulch colorants can present a safety risk to mulch production employees. Some are identified as possible human carcinogens, and the use of a respirator is required when employees are exposed to airborne particulates. Prevention of airborne pigment emissions to neighboring properties is an additional concern.

    With liquid colorant, there is no risk of respiratory exposure or airborne emissions. Additionally, Colorbiotics colorants go through a stringent R&D quality assurance process and the same testing process that is done for cosmetics process to ensure that it’s safe for humans, pets, plants and aquatic life. 

    To learn more about Colorbiotics coloring equipment or to learn more about liquid colorant from Colorbiotics, contact your territory manager today.