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    ​Get the Most Out of Your Sahara® Mulch Coloring System

    Here are 7 important tips from the maintenance section of the Sahara® X Series mulch coloring system owner's manual:

    1. Thoroughly clean and flush the hopper and mixer manifolds after each use until all nozzles and inlets are spraying clear water.
    2. Inspect the glycerin fluid level daily.
    3. Inspect and clean the air filter and the crankcase filter in the air compressor daily.
    4. Inspect the rubber cover on the hopper pressure pad daily.
    5. Inspect the blades in the internal mixing system weekly.
    6. Grease shaft bearings with general purpose grease every 40 hours.
    7. Verify that all torque arm brackets are secure and show no signs of damage or wear every 40 hours, and verify that pins and swivels are not cracked or damaged.

    Always follow proper safety procedures when servicing a machine.

    For complete mulch coloring equipment maintenance information, refer to your owner's manual or contact your territory manager.


    Sahara® Pro Coloring System

    Less water. Less drying. Less weight. Less fading.

    Sahara® X Series
    Coloring System

    50% Less water. 100% quality.

    Expert Guidance and Support.

    Your territory manager (TM) is ready to help you configure the ideal equipment for your needs and budget.