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    Tote Mixing Tips

    To ensure optimal mulch colorant performance, Colorbiotics recommends these mixing guidelines:

    1. Always practice first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management.
    2. Use a Colorbiotics tote mixer and keep it properly maintained — shaft properly aligned and not bent, blades able to move freely and motor capable of achieving maximum-rated rpm. 
    3. Adjust mixing blades to ensure they are reaching as close to the bottom as possible without making contact with the actual tote and rotating in a clockwise direction. Blades will not open or extend if rotating counterclockwise.
    4. Before each use, mix the mulch colorant with acceptable vortex for 30 minutes, then stop mixer.
      • Mixing less than 20 minutes may result in non-uniform color.
      • Mixing more than 40 minutes wastes energy and may produce foam.​
      • Once properly mixed, product uniformity should remain for 24 hours.

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