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    How Sahara® Pro Improves Operator Safety

    The Sahara Pro mulch coloring system was designed not only to improve productivity but also to be easy to maintain and safer than other systems on the market. Here's how:

    • The cutting-edge mulch coloring machine from Colorbiotics will tell you when there is a maintenance or safety issue through automatic alerts from its Global Equipment Management (GEM) system.
    • When performing maintenance, the trough and mixing areas are accessible from ground level, so employees can perform inspections and upkeep without entering an enclosed space.
    • Trough liners are bolted in place, meaning welding is not required and downtime is reduced.
    • The mixing trough is also safer to operate than other systems on the market because of the reciprocating slat floor that makes it virtually impossible for someone to accidentally fall in — unlike the exposed mixing chambers in other products.
    • Additional safety features include: sensors that prevent the main power from being engaged if the mixing chamber doors are not completely closed, a restart button that must be pressed after the emergency button has been activated, and a lockout/tagout system that can include one or multiple locks.

    Sahara® Pro Coloring System

    Global Equipment Management (GEM) System