Territory Managers

Brilliant insights you can bank on.

Colorbiotics® territory managers know the mulch business better than anybody. Their insights into the industry help our customers discover efficiencies and drive margins, whether it’s a question about application rates or onboarding for a new operator.

Find your territory manager.

TM Map
  • West Coast

Matt Cox

Helena, MT

  • South Central

Matt Dravis

Richmond, TX

  • Great Lake

Lee Guggenbiller

Avon Lake, OH

  • East

Alan Bernabei

Doylestown, PA

  • Southeast

Chris Ingalls

Kingsland, GA

  • Mid-Atlantic

Danny Smith

Jacksonville, NC

  • Midwest

Brad Blickley

Polk City, IA

  • West Coast

Blake Gibson

Pleasanton, CA

  • Northeast

Jeremy Heim

Buffalo, NY

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From the processing of our pigments to the people on our team, every ingredient that goes into Colorbiotics colorant is there to help our customers be better tomorrow than they are today.