CushionFall® Sport

Take the science behind Poly Tree to stadium status. 

CushionFall Sport is a water-based pigment sealed with a urethane topcoat to encapsulate the rubber infill on turf fields — for vibrancy, durability and safety. This coating is made to match the color of artificial grass, but we can also make it match any number of school colors. 


Baseball Field

Golf Course

Soccer Field

Cricket Field

Field Hockey Pitch

Rugby Pitch

Football Field

Multi-purpose Field

Lacrosse Field

Engineered to endure gameday.

CushionFall Sport turf infill has been proven to maintain its permeability, as well as its shock absorption, after 10 years of wear and tear under the weight of offensive linemen. The infill can also repel water and moisture much, much faster for less maintenance.

Better for both athletes and fans.

Like the candy coating of an M&M®, CushionFall Sport completely encapsulates the rubber infill, reducing VOCs and making synthetic turf surfaces safer for student-athletes. The natural color of the infill also eliminates “five o’clock shadow” from the field for fans.