Watch the profit pile up.

This isn’t some generic conveyor that’s been flipped for the mulch business. The Radial Stacking Conveyor is built to fit perfectly under the Sahara X Series, allowing mulch to flow straight from the machine onto the belt without hiccups or spillage.

180 degrees of product placement.

Our radial stackers come with a power travel and brake option that lets you swing the conveyor a full 180 degrees at the flip of a switch. So, you can place the next pile of mulch right where you want it from the comfort of your loader.

Way less to worry about.

The Radial Stacking Conveyor is constructed with a heavy-duty channel frame and chevron-cleated belt. And thanks to the self-lubricant system, the bearings are automatically lubricated and only require replacement twice per year.


Length: 18 ft or 50 ft or 60 ft
Width: 36 in
Dump Height: Up to 7 ft or 20 ft or 25 ft*
Electric Motor: 10 hp or 15 hp
*Dump height is adjustable up to the max. measurement.