Recreation runs
on us.

Colorbiotics® coatings bring brilliance and resilience to all kinds of recreational surfaces. Plus, a color palette packed with options for your playground or playing field.

How do you color rubber?


Instant chemistry for a decade of durability.

Poly Tree colorant and Poly Tree Fusion urethane come together to create a coating that’s three to four times more durable than any water-based option on the market.

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For the most pigment per ton and per dollar.

Rubber Tree colorant is a water-based pigment that is very easy to use. If you’re looking for the most pigment per ton, and per dollar, you’ve found it.

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The right machine for rubber mulch.

The Reflex Series is made to make the most of Rubber Tree colorant. It can can efficiently color up to 8,000 pounds of rubber mulch per hour.

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