Mulch, meet your maker.

No machine colors mulch like the Sahara XP. The architecture of the all-new, redesigned mixing chamber works with the innovations within to eliminate water waste and maximize color economy, trimming the fat from every last bucket of mulch.

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Same time. Same place. Same color.

The XP’s belt feed hopper leaves nothing to chance: Each piece of mulch enters the mixing chamber at the same location and spends the same amount of time getting thrown around inside. That’s why your piles of product will all be the same color across hours, days, weeks or even seasons.

1. Mulch Conditioner

After a bucket is dumped into the hopper, these tines break up the mulch to help prepare each piece for the coloring process.

2. Belt Feed Hopper

This belt is purpose-built to control the mulch feed into the mixing chamber, so every piece in every bucket can follow the same path from the hopper to the pile.

3. Discharge Conveyor

At a perfectly friendly height of 6 feet, our discharge conveyor is designed to kick out mulch directly onto your conveyor.

4. Deflector Chutes

The conveyor comes equipped with a fully adjustable set of deflector chutes for directional control of mulch and fines off the belt.

Sahara xp callouts

The difference in brilliance is size. 

The XP’s on-demand atomizer nozzles use the water in your recipe to knife the colorant into a fine mist. That knifing action cuts down the colorant until its particles are small enough to cover the distinct surface characteristics of different wood fibers.

Each piece, every which way.

How do we pack so much muscle into such an efficient machine? The key is a patented process that we call bilateral agitation. With blades placed at mathematically precise angles, the XP increases retention time while also conserving energy.


Technical Data

Output: 100 to 350 cubic yards per hour
Water: 80 gallons of water per minute
Power: 200 amps @ 460V 3PH
Motors: Electric (up to 100 HP)


Height: 13 ft 10 1/16 in
Width: 9 ft 6 in
Length: 43 ft 3/8 in
Infeed: 12 ft 3 7/8 in
Outfeed: 6 ft 10 in

Available Options

Hopper size
Motor horsepower
Auxiliary pumps
Cold weather package

As simple as push to start.

If you can punch the numbers on a microwave, you can color mulch with GEM Studio. This do-it-all interface puts operators one tap away from the perfect recipe, right there on the side of the machine. Or via any device, anywhere.

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