The Sahara that started it all.

We built the Sahara X1 because we couldn’t stand to see so many materials, and so much budget, wasted on bags of dull mulch. Two decades later, it’s safe to say this coloring system solved the problem. Our customers continue to choose the X1 for its footprint and output.

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Our engineers obsess over every single design decision, down to the last bolt, because we know that technology doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make you money. It’s safe to say the X1 can take the best colorant in the business and make more out of every ounce.

1. Active Start-up Monitoring

Before a single blade moves a single inch, the X1 sounds an alarm and flashes warning lights for everybody in its vicinity.

2. GEM

GEM is a touchscreen interface that also does all the thinking, all the time, to provide real-time data on everything from inventory to invoicing.

3. Mixing Chamber

The X1’s patented dual-chamber design and arrangement of blades work together to increase retention time and kick out a consistent product.

Sahara x1 callout

The product is the whole point.

Thanks to the dual-chamber design of the mixing chamber, each bucket of mulch spends the same amount of time inside. That kind of consistency is why your piles of product will be the same color across hours, days weeks or even seasons.

Each piece, every which way.

How do we pack so much muscle into such an efficient machine? The key is a patented process that we call bilateral agitation. With blades placed at mathematically precise angles, your Sahara increases retention time while also conserving energy.


Technical Data

Output: 125 to 175 cubic yards per hour
Water: Up to 45 gallons of water per minute
Power: 175 amps @ 460V 3PH
Motors: Electric (up to 75 HP)


Height: 13 ft 5 in
Width: 7 ft 9 in
Length: 20 ft 5 in
Infeed: 11 ft
Outfeed: 2 ft 5 in

As simple as push to start.

If you can punch the numbers on a microwave, you can color mulch with GEM Studio. This do-it-all interface puts operators one tap away from the perfect recipe, right there on the side of the machine. Or via any device, anywhere.

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