The best-selling coloring system ever built.

There are more Sahara X3s kicking out mulch around the world than any other coloring system. That’s because this machine is engineered to make more out of every ounce of colorant and cut water use in half on each batch.

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The X3

1. Active Start-up Monitoring

This remote e-stop box on the side of the hopper also sounds an alarm and flashes warning lights before the system starts up. There’s a trusty e-stop button on the control panel, too.

2. GEM

GEM is a smart volumetric system that captures ultrasonic measurements at 5-second intervals to give you complete, convenient control over your operation. From just about anywhere in the world.

3. The Mixing Chamber

The mixing chamber is engineered to take the best colorant money can buy and make even more out of every ounce. Keep scrolling for the three keys to that consistency and efficiency.

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Retention time:

Thanks to the dual-chamber design of the mixing chamber, each batch of mulch spends the same amount of time inside. That kind of consistency is why your piles of product will be the same color across hours, days weeks or even seasons.

Bilateral agitation:

This is what we call our patented “push-and-pull” process. Basically, the auger turns in one constant direction to conserve energy, while our combination of blades throws the mulch in all different directions to maximize each piece’s exposure.

Atomization nozzles:

As soon as the colorant and water shoot out of these nozzles, the stream is knifed into the smallest possible particles. It’s the otherwise impossible size of those particles that provides such complete coverage on every last piece.


Technical Data

Output: 200 to 300 cubic yards per hour
Water: Up to 70 gallons of water per minute
Power: 200 amps @ 460V 3PH
Motors: Electric (up to 100 HP)


Height: 13 ft 5 in
Width: 7 ft 9 in
Length: 24 ft 10 in
Infeed: 11 ft
Outfeed: 2 ft 6 in

As simple as push to start.

If you can punch the numbers on a microwave, you can color mulch with GEM Studio. This do-it-all interface puts operators one tap away from the perfect recipe, right there on the side of the machine. Or via any device, anywhere.

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