A must-have for
the mulch business.

It's true: Tote mixers have a big impact on both your product and your bottom line. That's because a good mix creates a better blend of chemistry inside the tote, giving you a uniform flow of colorant into the coloring system.

Get every ounce out of every tote.

The dual impellers on our tote mixers adjust to maximize the mix across container sizes, while the solid-steel blades retract to go in and out of totes as quickly as possible. We also developed a special collar on the blade locking system to make changeover even easier.

Have an old mixer? Retrofit it.

Our research shows that blade length and tip speed are the two most important factors in mixing colorant. But old models might not have enough of either. Let us know if you need one of our retrofit kits with 15-inch blades and a 42-inch shaft.




Speed: Fixed
Power: 230 VAC / 1 PH
Motor: 1.5 HP
Blades: 15 in (max.)
Output: 255 rpm


Speed: Fixed
Power: 480 VAC / 3 PH
Motor: 2 HP
Blades: 11 in and 15 in (max.)
Output: 262 rpm