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    Sahara® XP


    ​​The Sahara XP​ is built with an all-new belt feed hopper to give you more consistent color and coverage across hours, days, weeks or even seasons. The innovative design uses a combination of blades to throw the mulch in all different directions to maximize retention time and completely cover every fiber of the wood. Plus, with the XP's remote control, you can take care of cleanout from the comfort of your loader.

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    Sahara XP

    Check out the XP's specs for an in-depth breakdown of dimensions and equipment requirements. 

    Estimated production: 100350 yd3/hour
    Estimated water requirements: 
    80 gal/min (minimum) 

    Engine: 100 hp electric, 460 V

    Height: 13 ft 10 1/16 in
    Width: 9 ft 6 in
    Length:  43 ft 3/8 in
    Weight: 29,500 lb
    Infeed/dump height: 12 ft 3 7/8 in
    Outfeed/dump height: 6 ft 10 in​

    GEM Studio Teaser Image

    GEM Studio

    Looking for the best tech in the mulch business? Ask your territory manager about the GEM Studio. 

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    Equipment Financing

    Special Colorbiotics financing offers could put the productivity and efficiency of Colorbiotics equipment within reach. 

    Brochure: Sahara XP Teaser Image

    Brochure: Sahara XP

    An in-depth breakdown of the toughest, most intelligent coloring system ever assembled.