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    ​​Global Equipment Management

    GEM does all the thinking, all the time.

    Mulch coloring becomes an exact science with GEM on the job. It starts with the easy-to-use touchscreen interface, putting operators one tap away from the perfect recipe. But this is a whole lot more than an interface. GEM talks to sensors inside the Sahara X Series and captures ultrasonic measurements on the flow of material through the machine. Those real-time insights can be used to improve your product and your profit margin.​


    Compare the different models of GEM:

    GEM Studio

    200x faster performance and 300x more storage capacity than previous models.

    Display: 15-inch touchscreen interface

    Processor: 8-core CPU

    Mulch Coloring: Unlimited recipes can be created and saved / Batch Mode for extreme simplicity across shifts and operators / Guided pump calibration and historical pump calibration log / Updated prime parameters and cleanout parameters

    Reporting: On-demand reports of minute-by-minute data, trend data by material type and historical averages for all material use / Production minutes by hour, production rankings, application volume reports, consolidated reports, average run minutes / Interactive geographic map of real-time production reporting and real-time alarm reporting

    Maintenance: Interactive maintenance checklist, real-time alarms, consolidated alarm history and diagnostic data

    Support: Manuals at screen, training videos at screen, parts ordering at screen / Remote on-screen support from Colorbiotics

    GEM 2.0

    Still helping the new guy work like an old pro.

    Display: 8-inch touchscreen interface

    Processor: Dual-core CPU

    Mulch Coloring: Up to 8 recipes can be created and saved

    Reporting: Daily reports of hour-by-hour data, daily efficiency reports

    Maintenance: Maintenance due reminders

    Support: Website access for manuals and parts ordering


    GEM Studio Teaser Image

    GEM Studio

    Looking for the best tech in the mulch business? Ask your territory manager about the GEM Studio.