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    GEM Studio​

    Get to know the new GEM.

    GEM Studio is a leap in production that pays for itself. The beefed-up database on the back​end of the updated software makes it possible to store every detail about every drop of color or every piece of mulch that flows through the Sahara X Series. With around-the-clock access to a complete archive of historical analytics, you’ll be able to find hidden dollars and losses in everything from inventory to invoicing.


    Key features and enhancements:

    Input Assist

    GEM Studio learns on the job to maximize efficiencies and minimize costly mistakes, then helps perfect each recipe program based on historical performance.

    Adaptive Material Control

    GEM Studio recalculates what’s needed for each recipe, depending on day-to-day production conditions, to outsmart the most minute fluctuations in output.

    Interactive Maintenance

    GEM Studio syncs maintenance tasks to create a universal to-do list. When it’s time to order a replacement part, operators can do it directly on the touchscreen.

    Remote Programming

    If an operator need assistance with something or runs into a specific issue, our support team can connect to your GEM Studio and help with just about anything.​​​