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    ​6 Tips for Creating a Culture of Safety

    Any mulch producer will say on-the-job safety is of the utmost importance. But is your company taking actions that show you mean it? Consider these tips to help make safety a priority.

    1. Hold daily safety meetings. Topics could be the locations of safety hazards and how to avoid an accident, emergency stop devices, what different emergency placards mean, personal protective equipment and reminders that safety is the company's top priority.
    2. Assign a safety coordinator. This person ensures this communication is occurring, leads trainings and enforces safety measures.
    3. Work with equipment manufacturers. This will ensure you and your employees understand how to safely operate equipment and have a formal training plan for operators.
    4. Train for new operators and employees, no matter their job duties. This is one of the areas where there's room for improvement among mulch producers. Consider setting up a training course and regular training events.
    5. Don't overlook basic safety measures. Wearing PPE, following lockout/tagout procedures and being aware of confined spaces when performing maintenance — these things are so routine in industrial settings that they can be taken for granted.
    6. Document your efforts. If there is an accident, the inspecting agency will want to know when the last safety meeting or training session was held. Documentation could be very valuable for legal protection.
    Make Safety Fun Teaser Image

    Make Safety Fun

    It's OK to make safety meetings fun for employees. Let them know that the reason the company takes safety so seriously is that it cares about them and their families.