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Building trust: It goes beyond a great motto

The new year is well underway, but long before we were toasting at midnight on December 31, the Colorbiotics team was planning for 2024 and beyond.  

Candidly, the business is in a great spot – our teams are growing, the product lines are expanding and we’re continually innovating our processes to be more efficient, which creates a better bottom line for all of us.  

Becoming part of the Sika brand in May of 2023 has proven to strengthen the Colorbiotics family. I especially value Sika’s approach to putting customers and their experiences first. This fits in well with how we’ve always done business as Colorbiotics.

Our 2023 annual business meeting was held in December. Beyond an opportunity for colleagues to catch up with one another and dive deep into specific lines of production and process, we capitalized on this time to infuse Sika’s motto of “Building Trust” into the work that we do and how we prepare for the months and years ahead.  

After being in business with various companies for more than 30 years, I’ve heard many a theme or slogan – some that make me cringe and others that encapsulate the true, dynamic nature of our employees, customers and how we work together. To me, building trust is one of the best mindsets and expectations we can have.  

The idea and act of building trust isn’t new to us, by any means. But it doesn’t take long to realize it’s either a true component of the company’s culture or just another phrase thrown out without any thought behind it.  

The value of trust is simple — if people don’t trust you, they don’t do business with you, and in our line of work, that can be producers, customers, suppliers and our own employees. Building trust within and between these different groups makes us a stronger organization from start to finish. It builds idea generation and partnerships which lead to friendships and payoffs that go well beyond a dollar figure. In the end, it makes us all better in our business by working together.  

I’m a firm believer that our employees have a large role in establishing trust with our customers and suppliers. Whether it's reliability in the parts side, executing a service call or delivering the newest shade of mulch colorant, each person has a due diligence to build trust. It’s not easy to find this type of thing when you’re talking with job candidates; after all, no one wants to say they are untrustworthy. We work day in and day out to strengthen this value in our teams.  

I’m proud of the culture we’ve built internally at Colorbiotics by weaving trust and transparency between our leaders, employees and departments. I believe the trust we cultivate within seeps into every customer interaction we have. It’s simply the way of our business and so much more than an idea or theme that sounded good on paper.  

This newsletter is packed with deeper insights on our departments, culture and innovative product development. It showcases our team’s expertise and passion for certain aspects of the business while also providing you — our customers — with education you can put to use in the very same day.  

We’ve got big plans for the future. New and updated equipment, better efficiencies through technology and insight into new raw materials that provide optimal performance are just a few of the things you’ll be seeing from Colorbiotics this year. We’re glad you’re here for it and look forward to continuing the relationships and business built on the trust and quality you’ve come to expect from us.