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GEM Studio: Precision for performance 

Smartphones changed communication forever. Sure, people could still talk and find information before them, but it took more effort. GEM Studio gives mulch makers the kind of edge the latest smartphone has over a flip phone that’s still sitting in the back of a junk drawer. The results are gains in efficiency, consistency and control over the entire operation.  

A GEM Like No Other 

With a larger touchscreen interface, GEM Studio is a do-it-all tool that allows operators to mix the perfect mulch colorant recipe. It ensures the color is distributed in an even and efficient manner throughout the coloring process. Continuous data streaming, remote access and product control make GEM one radiant tool.  

User Friendly 

GEM Studio comes fitted on every Sahara® XP, and it can be added as an upgrade to the Sahara X3 and the Sahara X1. “The number one thing that customers will notice is it’s more intuitive. It’s a nicer presentation,” says Brent McKnight, colorant systems technician at Colorbiotics. “This display has a picture of the whole machine, and if you want to do something with the hopper, you push the hopper button that’s right there on the hopper.” 

The design and capabilities of GEM Studio enhance the convenience and performance for every operation. The touch screen is now 15 inches, which is almost double the size of previous versions. A mulch recipe can be chosen with the tap of a button from the screen on the Sahara or from a connected device anywhere in the world.  

Making the Upgrade 

If an operator decides to upgrade to GEM Studio, Colorbiotics will handle the installation. It starts by packaging and shipping all the parts to the site, and then a technician makes the trip to get the system running. It takes a couple of hours to take out and replace the components. Then the door either needs a bigger hole or it has to be replaced to fit that new 15-inch touch screen. After that, it’s time for testing and training. Technicians recommend all operators and supervisors go through the training, which generally lasts four to six hours.  

Go with the Flow 

Truly consistent product comes from getting the water and color rate to match the output every single second. That’s exactly what GEM Studio is designed to do. For example, an operator running a Sahara X3 without GEM locks in the water and color rates, but the output will naturally vary slightly. That means over applying at times and under applying other times.  

GEM eliminates that by following the output’s every move. It’s taking a slice of the output every tenth of a second and putting together an average output every five seconds. If the output goes up ten yards, the system will go up ten yards in application. By constantly adjusting water and color to match output, the operator gets maximum efficiency and a uniform mulch product.  

Know it All 

Being a know-it-all is a good thing when it comes to managing the operation. GEM Studio provides unmatched data to improve the product and increase profitability. Every minute during production, it sends information back to Colorbiotics’ database. That raw data is then put into consolidated reports and sent to the customer. What’s new is GEM Studio offers more customization than previous versions. Each business can choose exactly what information it wants to know every day.  

A user-friendly system that provides greater control over the product and detailed information about the operation helps customers produce consistently colored mulch and improve their bottom line.