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Get to know Sika

In May of 2023, Colorbiotics became Colorbiotics | A Sika Company. This small name change indicates a broader step for the business — one that aligned two powerful brands. 

Sika is a worldwide innovation and sustainability leader in the development and production of systems and products for commercial and residential construction, 

With more than 100 years of experience to their name, Sika is truly a global brand spanning many industries, yet has values and goals similar to Colorbiotics’. This made the decision to transition the company easier for Kent Rotert, Vice President of Colorbiotics. 

“Sika very customer-centric and that fits the Colorbiotics culture well,” said Rotert. “From the top of the business down, they are all very engaged with different aspects of the work and that sets the tone for every employee within the organization. They make customers a priority, which mirrors our mentality. Even more so than product growth and expansion, knowing that we have the same organizational culture values makes a big difference to me and our Colorbiotics employees. It’s a good fit.” 

Rotert is no stranger to leading businesses through acquisitions. Throughout his career experience, he’s learned a thing or two, which enables him to better prepare customers and employees for what to expect. Overall, he said, it’s his responsibility to keep everyone calm and provide as much transparency as possible. 

“Colorbiotics has been through acquisitions before and at the end of the day, a few small things may change internally, but the big scope of our work and our relationships with customers do not,” Rotert said. 

Colorbiotics is an industry leader in colorant technology, utilizing their scientifically-backed pigment process to infuse high-quality color into a variety of landscape, recreational and asphalt products. Rotert explained this colorant knowledge will help Sika better color a wide portfolio of their products. 

Sika is also a leader in cement technology, which pairs well with Colorbiotics Asphalt Solutions. Together, they plan to grow and enhance the asphalt footprint of the brand. With Sika’s history of unprecedented growth and leadership that drives new development and entrepreneurship, Rotert said it feels similar to the culture of innovation created within Colorbiotics and their ability to develop new products. 

“Colorbiotics has long been known as a leader in the knowledge and understanding of color,” said Rotert. “What comes with that is a mindset of new product development and entrepreneurism. Sika has their own opportunities in mind that will benefit from our expertise while also helping us build upon the strong business we’ve created. It really is a nice combination that benefits both organizations.”