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New warehouse enhances customer service and support for genuine parts.

From belly liners to blades, about 1,000 parts are on hand at Colorbiotics’ new warehouse in Ames, Iowa. The 15,000-square-foot space — just blocks from the company headquarters — ensures employees have everything at their fingertips needed to fulfill their main objective: elevate customer service and support.

“We outsourced our parts in the past, and we decided recently to bring our parts in house to be able to manage them within our own facility so we can serve the customers better,” says Kent Rotert, vice president at Colorbiotics.

The impact of the warehouse can be measured in hours. Customers can now receive parts within 24 hours, if necessary. “The biggest we notice already is the service,” says Alejandro Rodriguez, COO of RJ’s Demolition and Disposal in Southern California. “The turnaround time has been the biggest change.”

The facility, which is already operational, houses all of Colorbiotics’ parts and enables the company to package, service and send them out to customers quickly and efficiently. This significantly improves the timeline for delivery, and it also improves reliability, ensuring that the right part is shipped to customers.

“Colorbiotics has the large-scale capability we need but with a small company feel,” says Charles Ashmore, co-owner of SR Mulch & Grinding in Greer, South Carolina. “We need something? We call. We can tell there’s customer service there.”

The new warehouse is an investment that demonstrates an understanding of its customers’ priorities.

“We know that our customers need to be up and running quickly,” Rotert says. “This warehouse gives us the ability to get the parts to the customer faster.”