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Parts and parcel: How a new warehouse elevates customer service

All it takes is a single part going out on a machine to bring a mulch coloring operation to a halt. Businesses can almost feel the clock ticking until the replacement piece arrives and productivity resumes. Colorbiotics knows the importance of limiting downtime on the job, and it has taken the most significant step in its history to ensure customers get the parts they need as soon as possible.  

In the second half of 2023, Colorbiotics fully opened a new warehouse down the road from its headquarters in Ames, Iowa. The new building is a difference maker for customers. “We wanted to bring all our parts in house and be able to manage them within our facility so that we can service and support the customers better,” says Kent Rotert, vice president of Colorbiotics. “We now have a full-service structure that combines parts with the technical service we already offered.” 

The key for customers is efficiency, and that happens through the convenience of turning to one place to both source and ship the right part. “What’s changed is the customer calls us directly, and we handle everything from taking that call to getting the right part out the door,” says Dave Roller, technical services manager at Colorbiotics. “That really speeds things up.” 

There’s only one place to go for parts needs, but there are multiple ways of getting there. Customers can call, email or click the “Call the Team” button on the website to get their order started. The phone number is 888-663-6980 (ext. 2), and the email address is  

The new warehouse contains about 1,100 parts. That is essentially every piece that makes up Colorbiotics’ machines. Whether the need is electronics, a gearbox, hydraulics — no matter the model being used — the parts are in house and ready to be packaged for immediate shipment.  

“We now have everything at our fingertips, and we can take care of it from there,” Rotert says. “And all of this is about elevating our customer service.” 

Everyone in the mulch colorant business wants to prevent breakdowns, but the reality is, they’re going to happen eventually. The new warehouse and production process enable the Colorbiotics crew to get parts in customers’ hands within 24 hours, if needed. But there is an even faster alternative to restart operations in many circumstances.  

In addition to the new service offerings from the parts department, Colorbiotics offers a spare parts kit that enables mulch producers to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. These pre-made kits include parts specifically chosen to resolve the most common issues. Technicians recommend every operation take advantage of these, and the benefit is clear. Suppose a hose pump goes bad. Fixing the issue becomes a matter of walking over to a shelf and pulling one out from the kit instead of getting on the phone to order a new part. That also saves businesses from paying for expedited shipping. 

Taking advantage of these spare parts kits is a way a lot of businesses could improve their efficiency, Roller says. He estimates about 75% of parts are shipped overnight during the busiest months of the year. Sure, Colorbiotics is more capable than ever to get those parts out fast, but businesses that already have the parts on-hand don’t need to worry about overnight delivery.  

Colorbiotics is demonstrating the commitment it has to its customers. The new 15,000-square-foot warehouse is an unmistakable sign of that. Greater efficiency from beginning to end helps customers get the right parts as quickly as possible with the service they have come to expect.