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    ​3 Tips for Feedstock Sourcing

    There is no colored mulch without the raw material used to make it. Sourcing feedstock can be challenging because increased competition for wood is reducing supply.

    With that in mind, here are 3 tips for feedstock sourcing:

    1. Diversify. Think of feedstock sourcing like your financial portfolio: It's best to diversify. That means working with a number of suppliers and networking with industry parallels, such as municipalities, loggers and arborists. Even if you supply your own feedstock as a byproduct of your business, be prepared to tap outside sources when demand for colored mulch is high. Look for established businesses that have a consistent source of raw material.
    2. Don't skimp on quality. Supply is about more than volume. Quality also matters. Know what you are getting and monitor consistency. It's important to avoid foreign contaminants that can damage equipment. Ultimately, producers need raw material that allows the end product to meet the demands of their customer base.
    3. Beware of overemphasizing price. Quality, consistency and reliability can have an effect on your operational costs. The fewer the steps in the process and the less you handle the feedstock, the better off you will be.