​4 Tips for a Clean Mulch Yard

Mulch production can be a messy business — especially when water is involved. When handling raw material, heavy equipment, colorant and all other aspects of your operation, it's easy to lose sight of where any excess water is going and how it is affecting the cleanliness of your yard.

Here are some tips for proper water management:

  1. Prevent water runoff. To do this, make a berm around a machine that uses a lot of water — such as a trommel screen or grinder.
  2. Never use more water than is needed. The Sahara® Pro coloring machine from BASF drastically reduces water usage compared with other mulch coloring systems.
  3. Watch water color. Monitor any colored water running out of a machine or off the belt. Not only does it make a mess, but it could be a sign that you're using too much water.
  4. Recycle. Consider installing a retention pond to catch surface water from land where mulch is stored.

Question about water management or mulch yard maintenance? Contact your BASF territory manager.