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    ​Daily Equipment Maintenance Checklist

    Always follow proper lockout/tagout mulch coloring equipment procedures before entering the machine and performing maintenance.

    1. Remove the crankcase breather filter from the air compressor and inspect — clean if needed.
    2. Inspect the air compressor breather cap to make sure the vent hole is open and clear — clean or replace as needed.
    3. Replace breather filter when saturated with oil or clogged with particulate.
    4. Using the sight gauge, check oil level — oil should be even with the "fill to line" indicator. (Note: Check readings when air compressor is turned off.)
    5. Grease shaft bearings with general purpose grease — two pumps every 40 hours.
    6. Inspect and readjust V-belt tension after 50 initial running hours — belts should deflect no more than 1/2-inch when measured in the center of the span. After initial adjustment, inspect monthly and increase tension as needed. Motor mounts should be kept level when adjusting the tension.