​Tote Mixer Blade Maintenance

Tote mixers are essential for making the most of every drop of mulch colorant — they ensure that colorant is equally distributed. Here are important mixer inspection and maintenance checkpoints:

  • Inspect blades weekly, and promptly replace them if they are bent or broken.
  • Check that blades can reach as close to the bottom as possible without contact and also rotate in a clockwise direction.
  • Be sure shaft is properly aligned, and the motor is able to achieve maximum-rated rpm.
Once the tote mixer blades have passed inspection, follow these proper mixing guidelines:

  • Mix the mulch colorant with acceptable vortex for 30 minutes and then promptly stop the mixer.
  • Mixing less than 20 minutes may result in non-uniform color.
  • Mixing longer than 40 minutes can waste energy and produce foam.