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    ​Mixing Blades Maintenance 

    The condition of mixing blades plays an important role in mulch colorant coverage and mixing efficiency — all factors that affect the quality of the end product. Since continuous movement and frictional contact with wood fibers contribute to wear, blades should be inspected often for damage and measured to gauge wear.

    Maintenance tips:

    • Mixing blades should be inspected weekly and replaced if blades are broken, bent or missing.
    • We recommend blades be replaced after producing 60,000 to 100,000 cubic yards of colored mulch, depending on wear and blade condition.
    • When equipped with Colorbiotics Dura Blades, the recommended blade replacement interval is from 90,000 to 250,000 cubic yards of colored mulch produced.
    • It is important to use new bolts — properly torqued — when replacing or reinstalling new blades.
    • Torque blade bolts to 105 foot-pounds (if oiled); and 125 foot-pounds if bolts are dry.
    • Always maximize the clearance between the blades and the trough or liner; a minimum of 1inch for all blades.

    Let us help.

    Colorbiotics territory managers can assist in demonstrating how to measure blades for wear.

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