​Monthly Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Inspect these parts of your mulch coloring equipment every 30 days and perform maintenance as required.

  1. Check the wear on the liner located inside the hopper and coloring chamber. If the liner measures 1/16 inch or less, the liner should be replaced.
  2. If your mulch colorant machine has a shaft deflection system installed on the inlet weir, inspect it monthly for wear and replace worn parts as needed.
  3. Air compressor oil should be changed after the initial 50 hours; then every 250 hours thereafter. BASF recommends using a full synthetic, non-detergent oil (30-wt.), or compressor oil.
  4. The oil filter should also be changed at every oil change interval.
  5. Gearbox oil should be changed every 500 hours while the machine is being broken in; and every 3,000 hours (or three years) thereafter.