Tote Cleaning Checklist

Totes should be cleaned immediately after use before any remaining mulch colorant has the chance to dry. Follow these steps for properly cleaning a tote:

  1. When mulch colorant level remaining in the tote allows(usually 2 to 4 inches) — tilt the tote forward and prop up the side opposite the valve.
  2. Perform an initial rinse of the inner sides with a minimal amount of water using a standard garden hose with sprayer attachment.
  3. When the tote is empty, spray out the tote again and run the remaining water into the mulch coloring machine and switch totes.
  4. Re-rinse the inside of the tote with as little water as possible to flush out the remaining mulch colorant.
  5. When all liquid possible has been pumped out, stop the color pump and close the valve. There should be no more than ½ inch of dried colorant and no liquid remaining in totes after cleaning.
  6. Screw the fill cap on loosely so the inside of the tote can air dry.