​Cold-Weather Operation

For mulch producers who must continue operating in the winter to meet demand, it is important to implement cold-weather operation procedures to avoid damaging mulch coloring equipment.

When the temperature drops to the 25 to 32 F range, the mulch coloring system will run as normal using these steps:

  • Turn on the components momentarily to verify proper operation and make sure that the shaft rotates freely.

  • Connect mulch colorant hoses to colorant supply.

  • Connect water input to water inlet, but do not turn water on until all other preparations are complete.

  • Mix mulch colorant prior to use. The colder the colorant, the more mixing required — typically 30 minutes will be sufficient.

  • Prime mulch colorant pump and water lines as normal when ready to begin coloring.

  • Ensure that nozzles are spraying normally using proper procedures.

  • Follow "Cold Weather" shut-down procedures at the end of each operation.

For any questions on this process, contact your territory manager.