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    Get the Most Out of Mulch Colorant

    After the busy season, it's a good time for mulch producers to evaluate their process for coloring mulch.

    Questions to ask:

    Is your product receiving good reviews?

    If not, why?

    How could you do even better?

    Tips for producing a colored mulch that looks good and lasts:

    • Minimize water usage. Determine the least amount of water you can use and still get good mulch colorant coverage. This will give you a brighter, more intense product to sell to customers. Too much water will dilute colorant, causing graying.
    • Don't skimp on mulch colorant. If your goal is to provide customers with a quality product, you cannot cut corners with mulch colorant. Using too little will result in a product that fades too soon and risks upsetting customers.
    • Know your production output. One of the biggest mistakes we see in the field is operators not changing settings, even though output can vary by 20 to 50 yards per hour depending on the wood source. In order to use the proper amount of mulch colorant and water, you need to know the machine's throughput.
    • Follow manufacturer's recommendations on mulch colorant usage. The recommendations from Colorbiotics​​ are based on decades of field experience and lab studies. If you are unsure of usage rates, contact your territory manager​ for help.