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    ​Pinpointing Water Usage

    Water is a key component in the mulch coloring process, and it requires the most precision. A balance must be struck between ensuring adequate coverage while eliminating wasted resources and expenses. 

    Many factors can influence the amount of water necessary for proper coverage: grind size, amount of fines, weather, mulch colorant equipment and moisture content of fiber. Water requirements can vary from the extremes of 30 gallons per cubic yard to as little as 3 gallons per cubic yard, based on the listed factors.

    Dialing in the proper water amounts will improve your business's mulch coloring productivity.

    Too much water can lead to the following:

    • Increase in freight expenses.
    • Colorant dilution, which can lead to more mulch colorant used or a lower-quality finished product.
    • Greater opportunity for mold.
    • Longer dry time.

    Use this rule of thumb:

    Ideally, optimum efficiency with water is achieved when 2 to 3 percent uncolored fiber is going up the belt. This small amount will "cure" in the pile and disappear.