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Exceptional production in three unique sizes.

With some of the most advanced mixing chambers in the industry, the Sahara X Series sets a new standard for mulch coloring equipment. These systems ensure maximum surface-to-colorant exposure for vivid color with virtually no waste. And with more machines working for more mulch producers than anyone else, you can trust the Sahara X Series to last through a dozen busy seasons and beyond.

SAHARA X1: All the muscle in a slightly smaller frame.

Packed with intelligence and horsepower, but built into a more compact size, the Sahara X1 is perfect for smaller producers who are looking for around 150 yards/hour. Equipped with advanced auto controls, the Sahara X1 can run with just one operator. It starts and stops automatically based on the hopper level, maintaining high efficiency while using up to 50% less water than rival equipment.

SAHARA X3: Built for even the largest mulch yards.

The Sahara X3 is engineered to prevent accidents and make the most out of every ounce of colorant, making it the most popular coloring system in the entire industry. Designed for larger mulch manufacturers needing 300 yards/hour, this machine uses an air compressor to atomize the color and water and reduce the water output rate by 30% more than other colorant equipment on the market.

SAHARA XP: The toughest, most intelligent coloring system.

Our newest addition to the series, the Sahara XP, uses a state-of-the-art belt feed hopper and on-demand atomization nozzle system to produce 150-350+ yards/hour and reduce water usage by at least 30%. Each machine comes equipped with GEM Studio, an advanced volumetric control panel that monitors output and provides real time usage reports to any smart device, so you can adjust water and color levels from anywhere. This machine is meant for our largest producers, ones mixing over 125,000 yards of colored material per year.

For more information and to find which machine works best for your operation, email your territory manager or call 888-663-6980. Not sure who your territory manager is? Click here.