Put all that RAP to work.

Invigorate additive started with a simple question: Why isn’t there a rejuvenator that truly rejuvenates asphalt? This all-natural additive does exactly that by attacking aged binder at the molecular level, transforming recycled material from the inside out.

Watch it work.

Invigorate triggers chemical reactions inside RAP to break down asphaltene aggregation in aged binder and reverse the effects of oxidation. In other words, it’s simply smarter than the average rejuvenator.

Choose green chemistry.

With Invigorate, you can make pavement that’s good for the planet and even better for your bottom line.

Do more with mix design.

Now, you can take RAP content beyond the 50% threshold and still beat binder specs like PG and ΔTc.

Win that contract.

Low bid? Best value? Win either way when you have a sustainable mix that’s more durable and doesn’t cost as much to make.