Replace petroleum polymer with soybeans and RAP.

Invigorate Plus additive is the next generation of rejuvenator for high-traffic applications, including interstates, highways and other major arteries. With this additive in the mix, crews can use less petroleum polymer and use more RAP at the same time.

Interstate Ready

Design high-RAP mixes for high-traffic applications.

Real Rejuvenation

Restore pavements stress relaxation and elastic recovery.

All-new Alternative

Reduce the need for petroleum polymer modification.

Marketable Mix

Go beyond 50% RAP without the age-old drawbacks.

Enter a new era of mix design.

Invigorate Plus is the textbook definition of a breakthrough, because for the first time, rejuvenator and polymer have been brought together to create a new kind of additive.

Adapt to the contract.

This versatile additive brings a number of benefits to the table. That means crews can choose how they want to modify each mix and win contracts on a low-bid or best-value basis.

Don’t depend on polymer prices.

Invigorate’s bio-based polymer can be used to replace petroleum polymer in mixes, so you can create more distance between your bottom line and the global petrochemical market.