Fill it with RAP. Fix it with sunshine.

Invigorate Plus pothole mix is a fill-and-fix solution that only needs UV light to cure. Plus, with the way this mix works at cool temperatures, crews don’t have to rush around all day. Just keep it out of the sun and it’ll be ready when needed.


Patch and repair potholes in just three simple steps.

No Heat

Extend your season with a UV-cured solution.

100% RAP

Use recycled millings to reduce costs and footprint.

Like New

Finish fresh with black colorant already in the mix.

Step one:

Throw some millings into a pugmill or drum mixer along with Invigorate Plus pothole mix to make sure the millings get fully covered.

Step two:

Fill the pothole with the new mixture of treated millings and compact the patch using a tamper (or something similar).

Step three:

Let sunshine, or another source of UV light, cure the patch. If heavy traffic is expected, consider diverting traffic until the top layer has dried.