Make paving as easy as 1-2-3.

Invigorate Plus re-binder offers a new way to pave with asphalt millings. This re-binder is a bio-based liquid topical that seals and binds the loose millings to create parking lots, driveways and low-volume roadways — in three easy steps.

Natural Solution

Seal and bind asphalt millings with sustainable spray.


Reuse material to cut costs and reduce footprint.

Places to Pave

Go to work where traditional blacktop wont.

Cure Time

Start driving on the new surface as soon as you want.

Step one:

Spread asphalt millings evenly across the desired surfaces and spray Invigorate Plus on the loose millings.

Step two:

Compact the treated millings to form the new surface. Before and after compaction, Invigorate Plus travels throughout the recycled material to transform it from the inside out.

Step three:

Let the surface cure for two weeks. You can continue to use the surface as it cures. And Invigorate Plus will continue to clean up any remaining signs of aging at the same time.