Sahara® Pro Mulch Coloring Equipment

Sahara Pro Machine Coloring Mulch

The most efficient commercial mulch coloring equipment in the world 

The state-of-the-art Colorbiotics Sahara Pro mulch coloring equipment comes standard with the computerized Global Equipment Monitoring (GEM) system. The Sahara Pro combines advanced design and GEM controls to use the absolute minimum amount of colorant and water needed to produce the vivid, long-lasting color you expect from Colorbiotics. 

For more details on how the Sahara Pro can bring the ultimate efficiency to your operation, contact your Territory Manager.

​Sahara Pro highlights

Service technician working on mulch coloring machine

A breakthrough in mulch coloring tech and engineering

Designed for large-scale users, the Sahara Pro can produce at a rate of more than 300 cubic yards per hour. Slashing water and colorant waste produces drier mulch right off the conveyor, saving drying time and shipping weight costs. Design innovations also ensure quick, uniform colorant coverage, cut energy use, improve safety and make maintenance easier.  

GEM on Sahara Pro mulch coloring machine

GEM technology brings even higher efficiency

The Sahara Pro comes standard with the Global Equipment Management (GEM) System. GEM connects to an array of sensors within the equipment to measure functions five times per second and automatically optimize the use of colorant and water at any production speed. GEM’s touchscreen delivers information and alerts to operators, and its connectivity allows remote operation and monitoring. A suite of reporting capabilities can drive even more cost savings in your operation. For a more detailed overview of the GEM system, watch our short video.

​​Sahara Pro specifications

​Sahara Pro

The ultimate mulch coloring equipment for efficiency and productivity.

Estimated production: 150–350 yd3/hour
Estimated water requirements: up to 70 gal/min     |     6–13 gal/yd

Engine data: 75 hp electric, 460 V

Height: 15 ft

Width: 8 ft 3 in

Length: 40 ft 8 in
Weight: 43,000 lb
Infeed/dump height: 11 ft
Outfeed/dump height: 4 ft 5 in

To discuss how the Sahara Pro can meet your unique needs, contact your Territory Manager.

Global Equipment Management (GEM) System

The GEM system uses an array of sensors and computer processing power to give Colorbiotics® coloring equipment unrivaled efficiency.

Sahara Pro Mulch Coloring Machine

Equipment Financing

Special Colorbiotics financing offers could put the productivity and efficiency of Colorbiotics equipment within reach.



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Sahara Pro Brochure

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