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    Sahara® X Series Mulch Coloring Equipment

    Colored mulch transferring from Sahara X3 to mulch pile on conveyor​​​

    ​Cut input costs without sacrificing quality.

    Sahara X Series mulch coloring equipment can reduce water use by up to 50% while maintaining the quality you expect from Colorbiotics. A fully automated control panel makes it a one-person operation, and these machines can be custom fit into a new or existing in-line processing system.

    For more details on how the Sahara X Series can cut your input costs and waste, contact your territory manager.

    ​Sahara X Series highlights:

    ​​Sahara X Series specifications:

    ​Sahara X1

    A great choice for those who want all the quality but don’t need​ the X3’s max output.

    Estimated production: 125​​175 yd3/hour
    Estimated water requirements: 
    up to 45 gal/min     |     10-15 gal/yd

    Engine data: 75 hp electric, 460 V

    Height: 13 ft 5 in

    Width: 7 ft 9 in

    Length: 20 ft 5 in
    Weight: 20,500 lb
    Infeed/dump height: 11 ft
    Outfeed/dump height: 2 ft 5 in

    Sahara X3

    More power and higher maximum production for larger producers.

    Estimated production: 200300 yd3/hour
    Estimated water requirements: 
    up to 70 gal/min     |     10-15 gal/yd

    Engine data: 100 hp electric, 460 V

    Height: 13 ft 5 in
    Width: 7 ft 9 in
    Length: 24 ft 10 in
    Weight: 22,500 lb
    Infeed/dump height: 11 ft
    Outfeed/dump height: 2 ft 6 in​

    To discuss how the Sahara X Series can meet your unique needs, contact your territory manager.

    Sahara X1 mulch coloring equipment

    Exceptional capability that comes in two sizes.

    With one of the most aggressive mixing chambers in the industry, Sahara mulch coloring machines ensure maximum surface-to-colorant exposure for vivid color with virtually no waste. The X1 has a maximum output rate of 150 cubic yards per hour while the X3 boosts production to up to 300 cubic yards per hour. This lets you select the capacity that’s most cost-effective for your operation.

    gem highlight.jpg

    GEM technology brings even higher efficiency.

    Sahara X Series mulch coloring equipment offers the option of adding the Global Equipment Management (GEM) system. GEM connects to an array of sensors within the equipment to measure functions five times per second and automatically optimize the use of colorant and water. GEM’s suite of reporting capabilities can drive even more cost savings for your operation. For a more detailed overview of the GEM system, watch our short video.

    Global Equipment Management (GEM) System

    The GEM system uses an array of sensors and computer processing power to give Colorbiotics® coloring equipment unrivaled efficiency.

    Equipment Financing Teaser Image

    Equipment Financing

    Special Colorbiotics financing offers could put the productivity and efficiency of Colorbiotics equipment within reach.



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