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    ​4 Tips for Sourcing Raw Materials

    Competition for wood fiber has caused professionals in the wood processing industry to look for creative ways to fulfill supply needs. As a result, wood processors and mulch suppliers are paying more for wood fiber. Here are some tips for overcoming this challenge:

    1. Use the available fiber as efficiently as possible. This may mean focusing on products that generate the most revenue and provide the greatest possible return.
    2. Incorporate deconstruction into your company portfolio. Deconstructing versus demolishing abandoned buildings could supplement fiber that would otherwise be discarded. In some cases, financial assistance is available from the federal government for deconstruction projects.
    3. Consider other fiber sources. This can include pallets, green wood, land clearing debris, wood chips and storm damage debris.
    4. Secure long-term agreements. Contract with local tree care professional service companies, municipalities, utilities and state departments of transportation and roadways.