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    ​The Difference Between Mulch Dye and Mulch Colorant

    ​When searching for a product to color their mulch, many people may search for mulch dye, thinking that mulch dye and mulch colorant are the same thing. However, they are not. 

    In fact, the chemistry of a dye is not something that would translate well to the colored mulch industry. The most notable differences between dye and colorant include the following: 

    Mulch dye: 

    A dye is a solution, meaning the chemicals are completely dissolved in water. Since there is no layer of pigment, dyes provide a translucent coating that allows some light to penetrate and will not provide optimum color strength. There could also be additional cost to apply the dye to the mulch while resisting color breakdown from UV rays. 

    Mulch colorant: 

    Mulch colorants, on the other hand, are stabilized suspensions of finely ground particles of pigment. When applied to mulch, the pigments form an opaque layer and provide optimum color strength and weathering resistance. 

    The choice is clear.

    Mulch dye and mulch colorant are not the same thing. A quality mulch colorant will provide brighter, more vibrant colors than dyes can provide. 
    To learn more about our mulch colorant products, contact your​ territory manager today.