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    ​Pros and Cons of New Wood Sources

    Wood pallets and construction and demolition debris have traditionally been two of the primary fiber sources of colored mulch.

    But with the explosive popularity of colored mulch, producers are turning to new sources to keep up with demand. These include materials from yard and tree waste, tree harvesting, land clearing, logging and more.

    No matter the wood source, producers must be conscious of consistency. If they fill their customers' bins with a different looking product each time, this will become a huge issue.

    The good news is mulch colorant enhances uniformity. But there are pros and cons to different materials.

    Green waste — such as yard debris and food waste.

    PROS: Some companies blend it with more expensive materials to lower their total cost.

    CONS: It can add weight to the finished product, which increases shipping expenses. And green waste can create more favorable conditions for mold to grow.

    Wood chips.

    PROS: They make a uniform product that lies nicely in the mulch bed.

    CONS: Colorant may have a harder time adhering to their slick surface. And their heavier weight can lead to higher freight costs.