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    ​Tips for Buying Mulch Coloring Equipment

    A new mulch coloring system can make a big difference in your company's productivity and the quality of your end product — but only if you buy the right machine for your operation. Here are tips to help you do that.

    1. Evaluate your needs. How many total yards do you produce per hour? What's the type, weight and moisture content of the raw material? Will it be a stand-alone system or part of an in-line system? What's the size of the space where the machine will be located? Are you a bag or a bulk producer? What's the desired quality for the end product? How much would you benefit from a mulch coloring system that uses less water, which can result in colored mulch that weighs less and is cheaper to haul?
    2. Consider productivity. Features that can help with productivity include automatic controls; volumetric control, which shuts the machine down when the exact output is produced; ease of use; and single-person operation.
    3. Think safety. Look for a mulch coloring system that has secure lockout/tagout features, is manually resettable once tripped and whose manufacturer offers operator training.
    4. Take into account serviceability and parts. A machine that is convenient to service and whose manufacturer has a large inventory of parts with easy ordering will reduce downtime.
    5. Don't forget about post sale. Buy from a company that offers sales and technical support, and also has R&D staff to help you with unusual issues.